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  Landscape Maintenance

We can provide you a Maintenance Program for a variety of properties.  Whether your property is a business park, retail shopping center, or multi-family community like an apartment complex, condominium complex or nursing home, we will develop a plan to meet your needs and keep in mind your budget.
Trained turf specialists will provide professional care to your lawn area on a regular basis during the spring, summer and fall seasons maintaining a healthy, “carpet” that highlights your property. 

Mowing – Our specialist cut, trim, and style each individual lawn with personal attention, taking the necessary time to deliver a complete, well-manicured appearance.

Trimming – 90 degree edging from the turf to hard surfaces defines your lawn area and delivers a complete and “finished” look.

Blowing – No lawn maintenance is complete without the removal of all clippings from walkways, driveways and other hard surfaces, leaving a clean, neat appearance that meets your complete satisfaction.

Fertilization and Weed Control
Early Spring: Pre-emergent weed control knocks out weeds before they emerge from the ground; fertilizer promotes strong root development and rich green color.

Late Spring: Dry application of balanced fertilizer enhances root development and enriches color; pre-emergent weed control retards future growth.

Early Summer: This application will provide your lawn with the nutrients the turf needs for growth for the summer months.

Early Fall: A balanced fertilizer that promotes strong root development and a post-emergent herbicide to knock out any broadleaf weeds that may pop up.

Late Fall: High nitrogen fertilizer  provides nutrients to establish strong root control and early spring green up.